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That a worm does -poem by m k harikumar

What a worm does away with
an instance of one death
are many other deaths!

How much more strong must be
That extreme ecstasy such a worm enjoys
out of the intimacy it keeps with the soil
Than what we everyone does!!!!

The worm remains silent
as it is deeply carried away
by the spell of that rare joy.

If it breaks the silence
It is those precious intimate times
That are going to get broken.

What a worm happens to meet with,
when we get to disengage
The intense holds of our minds,
Is a rare death forever and ever.

How hard it is for the worm
To let go the soil,
that it gets but once only!

So, the conviction that ‘I don’t die’
Is good for the worm to be living.

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