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Dogs’ News -poem by m k harikumar

That mosquito lies
Dead on the sewerage.
No one gives a damn
Even to pass by that way.

All and sundry are rushing,
At the margin-free markets
checking out for fish and meat.
No damning dog worth the salt
Seemed mourning for the mosquito.

And these dogs at nights dwelt on
With their usual indulgences,
Barking, snarling and mounting.
But it did not make any one softer either.

Rather, tho’ sneered at and bitched away,
Some civilized ‘males among them’
Kept on sniffing at and dogged theirs.
But when it was a point of no avail
They let go their very drape of decency.

They cut aerie faces, growling
and scratching all through the night.
And went on rampage spitting out
whatever abuses they all knew.

Who else on earth can abuse
this many number of human elements?
They went on a naked hysteric
dancing spree all thro’ night
against hoarding and price rise.
But by the break of dawn
All dogs took to different ways.

Politics of dogs has failed nowhere.
How nicer dogs are than humans!!!

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